Friday, May 15, 2009

B-10 Friends Forever...!!!!

I thought of starting my blog with a brief writeup of my close friends. Let me try to make it as short as possible, which I guess is a very tough task, considering the number of friends i have around me :) But, I cannot forget time I spent with my B-10 friends for more than 2 years. So, I dedicate this post to my B-10 Members with whom lots of memories are embossed in my heart.
First of all, let me clear you what does "B-10" means ? This is name of apartment block number where we all stayed during our job. As you all know after staying away from parents for pursuing higher studies and getting job in well-known companies, I consider friends and colleagues as second family. For more than 2 years we all worked in same company and went altogether for small trips. We made a practice of always sharing and helping out individual in his crucial time.
Let me introduce now my B-10 Members. Initially, we were 4 members who belong to different caste, culture and geographical locations. But yes, we belonged to same mother -- "Mother India" whom we respect and adore alot. Ankit Gopani, Jay Panchal, Nirav Shah and myself were four individuals who spent together more than 2 years in B-10 and also working for the same company.
Now, comes the interesting section of this post. Let me give some brief introduction of all these persons.

Ankit Gopani ("Badhana Dilo par raj kare").....
We all call him "Gops".... Ankit is a cool guy, very energetic and dedicated to work. The most important or plus point we all liked about him was to make friends and continue relations forever. His helping & supporting nature was liked by everyone. Ankit is very closely attached to his family members and very Godly person. At room, he took up the initiative for setting up kitchen which resulted in cutting down our monthly expense and provding home food. He has good management skills and also expert in market analysis and making financial strategies. Currently, he is working for leading semiconductor service provding company and pursing his long term professional goal. Ankit, wishing you very best for future endeavors.

Jay (" Paji cum "Jay Paji")...
We call him "Paji.. or "Jay Paji"... what to say about this guy.. He is a genius person. The one word we never heard from him was "NO". He was always ready to help us whether it is technical, personal or anyother work. He is a dedicated, intelligent and trust-worthy person. His attitude was always positive in doing work, which we all liked the most. At room, he always used to take care of cleanliness and make sure things are well-placed. Currently, he is pursuing masters in USA. And we all are very confident that he will be in one of the top MNC in nearby future. Wishing you best of luck "Paji.." Chak de patthe... jay matadi... Lets' Rock :)))

Nirav ("Dedu....")
Nirav, we used to call him "dedu"... He is a person dedicated towards his work and bring the end result once he takes any work in hand.. He was very frank enough to express his views and take initiative...also a candidate who works as an active member in team. His initiative to buit a web-site for helping out poor children to get education and giving then guidance is an outstanding job for which I as an individual feel very proud of.. And how can I forget Dance I used to do with him at room as a partner :))) Currently, nirav is also pursing his Master along with jay in US. Wishing you a very bright future ahead.

Sunil (Sunko...)
We and especially his college friends call him "Sunko". Sunil is basically from Rajkot. He was in my college.
So we used to know each other right from college days. But we became close friends, when Sunil too cleared interview in the same company that I did,
just the previous year. And within a month, he became out new room-mate. Sunil is very energetic, bold and fun loving person.
He can do anything for friends....but can even expect anything too ;) ... just kidding... But he is really very cool guy.
His hospitality is worth praising, which we were able to feel when we all (room-mates) were on Junagadh trip.
Currently, he is working for leading semiconductor service providing company and pursing his long term professional goal. Sunil, wishing you very best for future endeavors.

Zakirbhai (Zak..The Legend)
Zak - The Legend, that what you can see, if you visit Zakirbhai's orkut profile. Actually, I met Zakirbhai for the first time, through my room-mate Ankit Gopani.
Soon after joining the company in Ahmedabad, we were searching room and one room-mate. And meanwhile, even Zakirbhai was searching for the same.
So from there, our journey started. Zakirbhai is the eldest person in our B-10 family, but the energy and dedication that he have towards work is simply amazing.
Zakirbhai's manages time very well between family, friends and work. A very shy person, but once he accepts you as a friend, can talk for hours.
At room, he was always ready to guide us, whenever we were in dilemma. Last but not the list, Zakirbhai has power to shape thoughts into reality.
He vowed to decrease weight from 85 kg to 70 kg in 6 months and he not only achieved that within 4 months,
but he still takes care of diet to maintain the weight. During last 3 years, Zakirbhai was able to make progress in his professional life,
to such an extent that we could not even imagine. Zakirbhai family member: Tasneem didi (Wife), Jamila (Daughter).
Just last month, Zakirbhai and Tasneem didi were gifted by almighty with a cute baby boy - Murtaza.
We pray to the almighty to give all the happiness and fun of life, to Zakirbhai and family. Wishing him all the best for his professional career.

Priyang is the youngest person in our room. He is Ankit's cousin brother. We met him for the first time, when Ankit invited him to our room for the dinner.
Soon after that he became our room-mate. He likes to drive bike as if driving in a racing track, eat lot of junk food, wear fashionable attires,
go for outing with family and friends; and finally spend lot of money for friends. He is very well mannered person,
who is always ready to help his friends and even to the unknown people, especially old people (and girls too ;) ).
He is a firm believer in God and goes to palitana every full moon day. He did his MBA from a college in Ahmedabad and has just passed the examination.
He wants to be a great business-man. We all believe, he would be day.
He just needs to be more patient and persistent in what ever he do .... Chak de phatte... Priyang... All the best for great life ahead.....
Anyways, thanks doesn't say or bring out much, i would still say thanks to all my B-10 members for being so close and amazzzzzing friend of mine... I'm desperately looking forward to be with you all in nearby future.... I leave blog now open for you all to write about me... But thoda acha likhna ... ;)))))

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