Friday, June 5, 2009

Life as an Onsite Engineer......

Hello Friends,

I thought to write something interesting this time, which we as an engineer come across once in our life..i.e. Onsite engineer , thousand of miles away from your home ... All alone in completely new world..

Before starting to share something about onsite life, let me tell you in short about the journey reaching to this destination. I was above average or in other words clever/sincere student from beginning of my school days. Uptil now, two of the real achievement achieved in my life are "Ranking 1st in Std.10 in my school and also achieving 5th Position in centre. And second which I consider as life time achievement is "Ranking 1st in Gujarat state for Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering" :) I was always dreaming to get into good college during my diploma studies and ranking 1st gave me that opportunity to be a student of well-known college of Gujarat "L.D.College of Engineering, Ahmedabad".

After joining college the next obvious target was to get a good job. To be frank enough, I was much bothered about getting a job through out my college life. Luckily, I cleared my first job interview and got selected in Semiconductor company based in ahmedabad. Wow, it was great feeling to get selected and clearing life's first interview. After joining company, it was completely a different world if you compare with the college life. In office, I got in touch with many chipmates and within no time we formed our "Gijutsu" group consisting of 16 members. We used to have fun @ work as well use to go for outing. After a year rolled by, the target was to go onsite sooner. It was not because to earn only money but to get experience working at Client's end , to get more exposure about work and to experience the American way of life. I got this opportunity after two years of my field experience. Man getting the stamping was like waiting for the doors of heaven open on the Judgement day :) That fine day Dec'04, 2008 at last came and I am here in USA (now thinking what my next target is ???)

Life at Onsite : Here, comes the call.... tring.........tring
Offshore guys : Hello, umesh ..Good morning.....
Me: good morning...!!! with a smile on my face ;)
This routine was almost same during week-days ..
Wake up in the morning and think whether I should work from home or go to office.. but 1st option was not an easy one ;) so would decide that I will go to office. Now the first problem that is encountered for the day is which dress to wear.. Aisi baat nahi hain that i'm choosy about the dress I wear, it is that all the clothes will be too wrinkled not properly pressed or will not be washed during weekends. Have to select less wrinkled dress and go to office ..Isn't it funny ?? The next problem is breakfast.... :(( Before getting to work-place, I would have to get something for breakfast and join a meeting for which I will be running late. Would be having cookies, some fruits or juice.. some thing would always be the same thing. After doing regular activities like checking & responding mails, having desk meetings with client it would be lunch time. If luckily have made something for lunch then its fine, if not then discussion would start internally when and where to go for lunch. This discussion in mind would not last more as the options would be very few atleast for we Indians and that too if you are pure-vegetarian :-/
The options would be to have Subway sandwich, taco-bell or some combo item in Indian restaurant. I cannot mention the taste of the food which would no where be in comparison with the food we eat in India.. Really, missing Indian food..:(

After lunch, come back to work-place and start working on dependencies that your off-shore team has upon you.. and to forward couple of mails to offshore before end of day and leave back home.. After leaving office on my way to home, arises tons of questions what to do , what to make for dinner , bartan ghasna baki he... and list goes onnnnnn..........Ah, it is dinner time and I would have to cook for night as well as for next morning ... such a painful task.. but after a month or so I started enjoying to make different recipes.. Jaldi jaldi dinner complete karna padta hain ...kyuki India mein toh subah ho chuki hain..... and here, comes the call... tring ...tring.....

Hello Umesh..... good evening/night....
my response a big smile :D saying ..good morning everyone...
Telecon last for few minutes/hour and almost replying some dependencies mail time ho jata hain 12-1pm... Always Eagerly, waiting for friday evening coz next 2 days is weekend so no office ... no phone calls... no late night ekdum badi smile aa jati hain tinggg.... :D
During weekends need to wrap up cleaning home, bringing groceries, watching movies, and specially making calls to near & dear ones.... ;) aur agar time mile toh shayad koi park ya fir malls mein ghumne..

So, this cycle continues for weeks, months, ab tak year nahi hua hain.... But, from my experience I would say have learned lot many things in life being onsite which is going to help me in my future.

Now questions comes, why am I still here ? Hmmm....everybody is here for couple of months/years .. I am an above average guy who goes with the wind... so I better be here for atleast a year... 24 weeks gone... may be 24 more to go ;)



  1. Umu, aa su dear... First paragraph ma lakhyu che..."I am above average" (in India).... Last paragraph ma lakhyu che... "I am average" (after coming to USA)... why this change happened????

    USA ma tyan bije kaik re che ke su ;) ;) ;) ....just kidding bro.....

    Anyways, very good blog. keep it up!!!

  2. Hmmmmm...
    So this what you all do in USA.

    So everything what you do over there could be same as here in india, but the only thing over here is here you wont be alone to do any of the thing.
    A lot of friends,relatives and our own people who know us and understand us very well make our life good. :)

    Still nothing matters when it comes to doing our job/duty and achieving what we want or what we desire for.
    Stay focused, enjoy life. :)

  3. Nice one Umu .. and its quite surprising to know those 2 achievements of your life yaar .. And yes, nice observation by Jay also :-)

  4. To All : thanks for your comments & observations.

  5. hmmm.. darling achcha likha.. tere shabdo me chipe dard ko me dekh sakta hu..

    With a broad smile, lage raho :)