Tuesday, December 1, 2009

that's meeeeee........

Hello Friends,
I'm back after a long time, to write something on my blog... Last weekend, I was out for chicago trip and it was awesome.. The snap which you are seeing is taken on "Willis Tower" .. 8th tallest building in the world.. It is located on the 103rd floor of the tower. It is 1,353 feet (412 m) above ground and is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Chicago. Tourists can experience how the building sways on a windy day. They can see far over the plains of Illinois and across Lake Michigan to Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin on a clear day. It takes about 60 seconds to soar to the top.

The experience of standing on glass balconies is mind-blowing.. This glass balcony is extended approx. 4 feet over Wacker drive from the 103rd floor. The all-glass boxes allow visitors to look through the floor to the street 1.353 feet (412m) below. Huh, wat an experience...my legs were shivering when i stepped into that balcony.


  1. Hooh!! That must be a thrilling experience!! Good to see u writing again. Keep sharing :) take care